Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fifteen's 5k for Drea

Non-runners often question why I devote so much time and energy to competitive running, and usually I mumble about my passion for running and the sense of accomplishment that comes with improving upon past performances.  BUT when I was asked to run Fifteen's 5k, the answer to why I would compete was simple:  Drea Bear Clawson!
                                                            Baby Drea
Recently a dear friend of mine had a beautiful baby girl, Drea, who was born with Cystic Fibrosis.  Turns out Minnesota Twins relief pitcher Glen Perkins has a personal connection to CF and hosts an annual 5k from which the proceeds are donated to the CF Foundation (check out the foundation here:  So when asked to run to help Drea's cause, the obvious answer was, "yes, please!"

The race was very low-key, no official clock even, but it was a great celebration of the advances the CF Foundation is making, and a golden opportunity to raise even more awareness and money for the cause.  Many people were running for loved ones affected by the condition, and there was an atmosphere of fun and hope unlike any other race I've been involved with.

As an added bonus because the race was put on by a Twins player, we got to finish inside Target Field.  Super cool!  Twins players were also handing out the finishers' medals on the plaza after, but I went for a cool-down run and missed that!  Dang it!
Runners entered Target Field via a tunnel that opened up at the left field wall, ran down third base line, and crossed home plate to finish!  Sweeeeeeet!

As for the race itself, it was fine.  I think I finished in about 16:30ish and was 2nd place overall.  Wasn't thrilled with my performance, but this race was more about the cause than the race itself.  Plus, I can't be too bummed.  I ran well enough to be the women's winner which scored me a prize of 4 passes to be on the field for an upcoming batting practice session before a Twins game!  Woot woot!  That will be awesome!
Post-race snuggles from my biggest fan of the day - Drea!

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