Monday, September 30, 2013

Twin Cities Marathon - Better Luck Next Time

Sunday marks race day for the Twin Cities Marathon which, this year, also happens to be the USA Track & Field Marathon Championship race.  How exciting!  TC is one of my favorite races not only because it's on my home turf, but because the scenery along the 26.2 mile route is fantastic and the crowd support is unparalleled.  I don't think I've ever felt good during one of the four TC marathons I've done (cramping issues, no tapering, etc.), but despite this I have always enjoyed myself because of the sheer awesomeness of the event.  And my fond feelings can also probably be partly attributed to the fact that I've been able to run some decent times at this race.
                         Snapshot of the start line on race gives me goosebumps!!!

This year TC was my main goal for the racing season and I was ready to rip.  I had an awesome start to the summer, setting personal bests right and left, and feeling fabulous doing it!  Not only that, but with the help of my new coach, Ron Byland (Mile to Marathon, LLC), I was putting in some serious training.  Starting in late June and consistently through early September, I was killing it on training runs (if I don't mind saying so).  100+ miles per week, always hitting goal paces, and arguably mentally tougher than ever because of the wave of confidence I was riding from early summer results.  Then, mid-July things started getting...weird...

I won't bore you with too many details, but I just started feeling like crap.  Exhausted all of the time, weak, dead legs, head aches, stomach aches, and all kinds of other fun stuff.  I went to the doctor multiple times and each time was told, "you just need to rest."  This was beyond frustrating. For someone who is accustomed to not only being active, but competitive, being trapped in this lethargic state was maddening.  The docs didn't seem to realize that I had already cut WAY back on training and I was still miserable almost all of the time. 

Fast-forward two months and the latest development is a recommendation to go gluten and lactose free.  Not ideal for someone (me) who loves to eat, and particularly loves delicious gluten-containing treats.  There is sneaky gluten EVERYWHERE!  But at this point, although it's annoying and kind of embarrassing, I'm willing to try anything to get myself back to feeling normal.
         There is gluten in all the things I want to eat!  (photo credit:  Hyperbole & A Half)

Oh, and because of this on-going mystery, I have been forced to withdraw from the TC Marathon.  I might be able to finish a marathon, but there's no way I'd be able to race one.  And although it might sound conceited or arrogant, if I can't be at 100%, I don't want to be out there at all.  Not only that, but at this point, trying to scrape together a decent  marathon (not even great, just decent) would likely put me deeper in the hole of feeling icky.  So Plan B = no race this weekend, a few more trips to the doc to figure out what's going on, and then back to ripping it up!
  And finally, here is a picture of a puppy in a cup...because it makes me feel better.  Enjoy.


  1. What a bummer Kelly. :( I was hoping you would do well this weekend. Get your health in check and rip it up next year!

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